Reebok & Footlocker:

Oh wow, this was a bit of a miracle how I booked this job.  One of the most interesting things that happened for me was not having a consistent job in LA and needing a way to pay the bills until I got my big break.  I could only pick up flexible jobs to keep myself available for auditions.  So I picked up a job handing out fliers to movie screenings.  I would get paid $5 for every person that showed up to the movie screening and I determined what hours I worked and when I worked.  

One day in front of the ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood I happened to pass a flier out to a television commercial director.  I did not know who he was, so when he walked up to me and said “You have the face I’m looking for to star in my commercial,” my guard went up in an instant.  The good news I was that I was not totally dismissive, as this is Hollywood and things like this could happen.  The director was no phony.  I met him on Monday evening when handing out fliers, interviewed with him on Tuesday morning and by the afternoon I booked a national network commercial, and by Wednesday I was on set starring in a Reebok and Footlocker commercial.