I did it, I booked my first show where I was the host.  According to the casting director and one of the executive producers, I was the clear and obvious choice for the role with the 2nd choice being a distant second place.

This did not happen by chance.  As life would have it I had produced and hosted a pilot for my own variety show just two weeks before I ever got the casting to be considered as a host for FANdemonium.  I had done a lot more on my show that was being asked of me on the audition which was done outside in Union Square NY.  I had to find random people on the street and get them to do anything wild for the chance to win nonexistent tickets to a high profile event happening at Madison Square Garden.  Long story short, I wound up engaging this random family walking down the street and had the son of the family doing backflips and going absolutely wild as if he did win the tickets.  I remember seeing the casting directors face, she had that wide-open mouth and eye look that turned into a smile.  I was making her job easy and about to make her look good to the production company.